Tuesday, January 14

Boon Tong Kee

Hello (:

Life's been really hectic since the year started but I'm hoping that things will be a tad slower this week compared to last week, so that I can catch up on whatever that I was supposed to do last week but couldn't due to Orientation duties (:

Anyhow, I gave myself a full day break on Saturday so that I could get over the exhausting but rewarding first week (: We had wanted to go to Kim's Family Restaurant for dinner but it was extremely packed so we walked to Boon Tong Kee to have dinner there instead (: It was a first for us and it was surprisingly good! (: Would totally recommend going to this place if you want some yummy Chinese food (: I didn't keep the receipt so I've no idea how much these dishes cost! Shall post photos for keepsake instead (:

Shall sleep now! (: Will update again when I can! (:

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