Saturday, February 8

Black Angus

Hello (:

Though I don't eat steak (and I don't think I've ever had steak in my entire life), I understand it when my friends or family members have steak cravings - to me, it just means that they want to have a slab of really solid meat. On those days, I always think that no other kind of meat will measure up to a juicy steak, and we must have steak no matter what otherwise the craving won't be satisfied. So a couple of weekends ago, that steak craving struck, and off to Black Angus we went again, because we can always rely on them to serve us decent steak.

Because we were quite hungry and we knew that our order would take a while to come, we chose to have the breaded mushrooms ($11.50) for starters and it is a great choice because they are essentially juicy mushrooms that are covered with a layer of fried batter and they complement each other so well! (: Was absolutely blown away by this dish and we polished every button mushroom off before our other dishes came (:

On that day, I chose to have the Pasta Set Lunch ($23.90), which comes with a salad, a main course (seafood pasta in this case) and a slice of chocolatey brownie for dessert! (: Very worth it if you ask me (: I think you would appreciate this if you want something substantial! (: Here are the photos of my lunch, which were delicious and filling:

Of course, my lunch buddy had his craving satisfied! (: He ordered a 12oz Rib-Eye Steak ($49.90) which was extremely filling, partly because of the very generous side dishes (: 

All in all, we were pleased with our meal and we were stuffed to the brim by the end of it! Thankfully, we decided to go for a walk after this meal to walk off some of the food (:

Am looking forward to more happy meals (: Have a good weekend! (:

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