Saturday, February 1

Greenhouse Sunday Buffet at the Ritz-Carlton

Hello (:

We suffered an unnecessarily dramatic day and I'm still reeling from it and trying to shake off the mighty unpleasantness of the entire affair but I'm hopeful that the rest of the weekend will not be like this.

Onto happier matters, my good friend and colleague treated me to a very expensive Sunday buffet brunch at Greenhouse last week to celebrate my birthday (: I was told that there would be A LOT of food so I should try to get hungry, a task that's not too difficult for me to achieve.

Since I don't eat meat and I don't drink, I felt a teensy bit stressed because the meal was exorbitant and I didn't want to 'waste money' by eating the more affordable dishes, which I usually end up doing because I absolutely adore carbs and sweet things =| So I tried my best to eat the 'expensive' dishes to try to justify the hefty price he had to pay. Ha!

Anyway, this buffet is great for people who want/ like free flow champagne and lotsa meat! (: What I particularly loved about this buffet is that it isn't that crowded (probably because it's so expensive =X) and that the ambience is nice. I like the chilled out atmosphere and the fact that the waitresses and waiters are unobtrusive. Really made it much easier to just chat and eat and get around to get more food and chat and eat some more (:

Here are some photos taken that day:

Thank you, LC, for the treat (: It was great being able to talk and eat so much on a relatively relaxing Sunday afternoon! (:

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! (:

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