Sunday, February 23

Peach Blossoms

Hello! (:

I seldom have Chinese food when I go out but when I do, I usually have dimsum or something that is simple (i.e. a one-dish meal like fried rice or noodles) so that I won't have to face the pressure of having to finish so many dishes (since in my opinion, Chinese meals tend to be about ordering a variety of dishes to share).

Last weekend was out of the ordinary though because I had nothing but Chinese food all weekend! It was surprisingly good and I think I ought to try adding Chinese cuisine into my food choices more often from now on (:

We started off our Chinesey weekend by visiting Peach Blossoms for lunch, and the experience was very satisfying (: The restaurant is quite small but it is quite quiet so we managed to get some peace during our meal.

Caramelised cashew nuts ($3). We were starving when we arrived so these nuts were a lifesaver (: I generally like cashew nuts so I was happy to see them on the table! 

Almond Fish Maw Soup ($20). This was stunningly good! I saw this on their 'recommended dishes' list and thought to give it a try and I'm thankful I did! It's probably one of the most interesting soups I've tasted and it is worth going back there for more! I must admit though it was quite disorienting to taste salty soup instead of the usual sweet soup mainly because I think I have been accustomed to associate almond-ish soup base with the almond-cream dessert, but I got used to it after a while.

Mango Prawn Rolls ($6.20). This was good too (: I think it's quite a standard dish at most dimsum places.

Har Gao ($6.80). Nothing to shout about too, pretty normal.

Crystal Dumpling filled with Truffle Mushrooms ($11.80). I liked this dish a lot because each dumpling was stuffed with mushrooms! (: I love mushrooms! The truffle smell was also strong and the dumplings had a very rich taste and it was surprisingly filling. A must try! (:

Steamed custard buns ($6.80). I wasn't impressed with the custard buns because the custard wasn't very well-mixed and there was oil (?) floating above the custard when we pulled the buns open.

Xiao Long Baos ($6.80). These were pretty normal too.  

Scallop Rolls (6.80). These were good! There was a blend of different textures and flavours so I liked this dish a lot.

The waitress recommended two popular desserts and we went ahead with her recommendations:

Avocado Puree with Chocolate Ice-cream ($14). The combination was great as the flavours complemented each other (: I would never expect chocolate icecream to go well with avocado puree but this dish proved me wrong (: Definitely worth having again!

Mango Sago ($14). This was also interesting because instead of the usual mango ice-cream, they chose to use lime sorbet (: Gives a twist and an added zinginess to the entire dessert! (:    

I am really thankful for good food and great company (: These are the things that I look forward to during the weekend! (: Alright, have a great Sunday! (:

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