Saturday, March 22

Food in LA!

Hello (:

I feel terrible about not updating this space for the longest time but truth is that I have been busy! The last couple of weeks of school was a mad rush and I had to fly off to Los Angeles for a conference on the last day of school so that explains why I have been MIA. I'm very fortunate and grateful that I managed to get the chance to go to LA to attend this conference because it was one of the few times that I feel that I'm learning useful things that can be applied in class (: Head's feeling a tad woozy from the long hours of flight but will struggle to stay awake till tonight so that I can regulate my sleep pattern (:

For now, I'll post photos of the food I'd in LA. The food was generally great though there were a few misses! Enjoy viewing (:

 At California Pizza Kitchen! (: 

Picnic in the Hotel Room (: 

 The best drink we had on this trip! 

At the Farmers' Market! (: 

Light soupy dinner on the last night before we snacked in the hotel! 

Final sandwich before flying back to Sg: 

It was a good break away from Singapore and though I didn't have much time to do my own work, I am happy that I learnt a lot and saw quite a lot of new things (: Thankful for my two trusty travel companions who took good care of me and indulged in my touristy-desires though they would be more than fine not having the tourist experience! Heh (:

Alright shall take my time to get used to Sg life and brace myself for Term 2! (:

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your food posts.