Saturday, March 1

Skinny Pizza

Hello (:

I just realised that I've been to Skinny Pizza twice within the short span of 3 months and it seems a tad too frequent since I seldom ever go there in the past! But I guess we decided to go to Skinny Pizza because we were having one of those fuss-free days and we wanted comfort food straight up. Hence, we decided to go to Skinny Pizza because it seems to fit the bill, and we were right (:

 Sweet potato fries ($8) is always a hot favourite to me (: I could have this as my starter forever (:

We decided to share our food instead that day so we ordered a cod fish pizza ($26), which was surprisingly light and yummy (: I was worried that it'll have a fishy smell and that I won't want to eat it after the first slice but thankfully this wasn't the case. In fact it tasted quite light and healthy on the whole so you can order this if you want something that's not heavy in taste and quantity.

Finally, what better comfort food there is than Mushroom Risotto ($20)? This was possibly one of the thickest and cheesiest mushroom risotto that I've had. What I loved was the mixture of mushrooms and
some greens - they gave some flavour to the well-cooked rice (: Loved every mouthful of this dish!

Shall brace myself for the tough week ahead! Enjoy the weekend everyone (:

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  1. I love skinny pizza too, but price wise is not cheap.