Sunday, July 6

Kayu Puti (St. Regis at Bali)

Hello! (:

I had no idea that two weeks went by since my last entry! I guess my hols was pretty much over once the fourth week of holidays set in because I was involved in school activities and school resumed right after that so it has indeed been a while since I last posted here! Nevertheless, I'm determined to finish my last two Bali posts - both buffet posts so they should be relatively easy and light to do (:

I'll share photos taken at our champagne brunch at Kaya Puti in this post and I'll post photos of another buffet lunch in my last Bali post the next time I blog.

The champagne brunch that we had at Kaya Puti was the most luxurious and filling meal that we had. In fact, I think it ranks as one of the top buffet meals I've had in my life to date because of its unique dining concept as well as its superb food (: Essentially, there are no buffet counters for you to walk to and select your food; instead, food will be brought around to you (think of it as a dimsum trolley kind of system) and you can request for items that you would like to try. There are also ala carte items (which will not be brought around to you) that you can order and the waiters/ waitresses will serve them to your table once they are ready (: What this means is that you will never have to get up from your seat if you don't wish to and you can focus completely on your food and enjoy the conversation and/ or company that you are having (: I guess the important thing is to pace yourself and to eat everything in moderation so that you will be able to try a wider range of food. Having said that, I doubt it's possible for anyone to try everything unless you visit Kayu Puti in a big group and everyone just takes a little mouthful of each dish. Heh.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed myself and I hope to go back again some day in future. Here are some photos we took at Kaya Puti:

One piece of advice is to make a reservation if you intend to dine with them because seating capacity is limited. What we did was to make a reservation via their website so you might want to try that as well (: 

Alright it's time to rest. Have a great Sunday! (: Goodnight! 

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