Saturday, July 26


Hello (:

This has been a rather eventful week and it is evident that some things have irrevocably changed and I hope that this is for the better (:

So we decided to celebrate clarity and transcendence by visiting Levant at Greenwood, where service and food were excellent.

Banana yoghurt smoothie ($6) and Duk ($6) 
Frankly, my banana yoghurt smoothie was a tad too heavy for me at the start and it tasted like banana yoghurt mixed juice instead of a smoothie but it was yummy (: I appreciated it as I was starving and I was thankful to have something to quell the growls of my tummy. The Duk tasted very interesting.. but I doubt I'd order it on my own because I don't particularly like the taste. It's very exotic =P 

Mixed Appetizer Platter ($28)
I love Mediterranean platters cos I can eat everything and anything on the platter and they usually taste superb! (: The freshness of the food items on this platter deserves commendation, and we happily finished eating everything before our main course arrived. I think the staff could tell that we were famished because no one ever polishes off the platter that quickly! Heh. 

The Levant Specialty - Lamb Briyani ($32)
This is their highly recommended speciality - the lamb briyani. I think everyone who visits Levant should give this divine dish a try (: My dining companion tried it and he said that it is the best briyani that he has had in his life and he isn't even a briyani person to begin with! (: I tried the rice on its own and it's yummy enough for me to finish an entire plate on my own! Definitely should have saved some of the appetisers to go with my rice but it's alright (:

We were too stuffed at the end of the meal to try their desserts but then again I'm not a fan of Mediterranean desserts so I guess it's okay. I might try their saffron ice-cream in future though! We shall see (: A memorable meal at Levant which I will always associate with the recent turning point in my life (:

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