Sunday, July 6

The Cafe (The Mulia in Bali)

Hello (:

This shall be my last post for Bali and I'll move on to post other things! (: We had lunch at The Cafe in The Mulia hotel, which is very popular amongst tourists, and we found the entire experience relaxing and enjoyable partly because the cost is very affordable (we paid SGD$76 in total) and it was not very crowded on the day we visited hence we could talk at our normal voices and not have to queue up for certain popular dishes. The range of food, as expected, was huge but what really impressed us most is the freshness of their oysters and the excellent quality of their local dishes. I am a firm believer in eating local when I'm abroad because nothing beats their local dishes and our trip to The Cafe has once again proven me right (:

Since there's nothing else to talk about The Cafe, I'll leave you with photos:

Alright that's all for this weekend! Till the next! (:

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