Saturday, September 13


Hello (: 

The September break is ending and I think it has been a good break because I had few disturbances and I managed to meet my friends and had some time to do things I like (: But I must admit that my strange insomnia attack was a bit of a mood dampener =| I frankly have no idea how or why it happened - it just did. I am hoping that it will go away so that I can sleep at regular hours again and recalibrate my very off bio-clock. If I can't do that before school starts, I know I can trust school to set my clock right again =P 

We went to Boomerang a while ago for brunch and boy was it crowded on a weekend! I think we were very lucky to get a table because all around us were families and friends and babies in babyseats and babystrollers eating, chatting, sleeping (okay, only the babies were sleeping) and basically having a nice weekend afternoon together! I reckon we wouldn't have gotten a table if we were just that bit later cos we didn't make a reservation. 

We ordered a banana smoothie ($10) and I regretted it because it was possibly the worst banana smoothie I have had in my life =| It tasted very milky and it was very thin, with little to no hint of banana at all! Oh well. I know better than to order a smoothie the next time I visit Boomerang.

He had the Coolangatta ($17), which basically (to me) is a cool name for 'big breakfast'. I think it tasted average, he didn't rave about it or anything so I guess it was alright (: Simple and does the job of filling the tummy! 

Oh and I was on my french toast ($12) craze then so obviously I had that. Their french toast is unlike others because it is stuffed with dried fruits like raisins and apricot if I'm not wrong so the french toast isn't soft and fluffy but chock-full with fruits! I didn't mind it at all and thought it was something different from the rest, though I wished the toasts were served warm!

Alright I shall log off now and try to sleep at the correct time tonight (: Have a great Sunday ahead!

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