Monday, September 8


Hello (:

Jo and I met up today for some yummy vegetarian food at Sufood! (: I was pleasantly surprised that my  4-course set lunch only cost $18++ (which added up to $21.50 or so). The food tasted pretty good and we felt relatively 'healthy' after eating their food because everything tasted quite light, including the baked macaroni dish that I had as my main course! (:

They are pretty busy during lunch time though so it is advisable to go before the crowd comes or to make a reservation way in advance. Alright shall leave photos of the dishes that I had!

We'll be traipsing to the east tomorrow for some Indian food! Wheee (: I love the holidays.

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  1. Wow this looks so good!! I'm a fresh vegetarian-convert - so, thank you for the this!! :)