Saturday, September 20


Hello! (:

Today was a glorious day cos we managed to get a little exercise in the morning, go for a good lunch, have a nap and then go to town to get things that we need and also to look at the new iPhones (:

Everywhere was crowded as usual so we chose to eat at Cedele, which never fails to disappoint in my opinion. The food's not fantastic but it's average/ good (:

Today, we tried new dishes such as the two that are featured below:

Yellow Crab Pasta, which had a light lontong-y taste because of the sauce and tumeric! But it's surprisingly light and nice (:

Their famous blueberry pancakes with 2 generous scoops of ice-cream! (: I chose to have the early grey and fig as well as the salted caramel and they were both GREAT! (: Would go back there just to have these two flavours any time! (:

Shall end off here and clear some other things before going to bed! Tomorrow'll be an exciting day! (: Wheee.

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