Saturday, July 25

La Nonna

Hello (:

We're immensely grateful for another long weekend because there's a tad more time to breathe, have some fun and clear work at the same time (: The few of us had a great evening out yesterday cos we had a nice dinner and then decided, on whim, to go on an adventure to Seng Kang just because we had wanted to visit some place which we have yet to go to before. When we reached Seng Kang, we decided to look for my sister's soon-to-be-ready HDB estate and we managed to find it! Heh T'was pretty fun (:

We'll be looking forward to having a blast this weekend, and what better way to kick-start the weekend by planning what to eat later? =P We'd very fresh-tasting, wholesome food at La Nonna last weekend and we both enjoyed our dishes. I realised that pesto is fast becoming one of my favourite kinds of pasta sauce cos it's not as heavy as cream yet it has more taste than simple aglio olio (: Perhaps we'll head back to La Nonna on Monday to take advantage of their awesome lunch deals =P


Alright that's all for now (: Happy weekend! (:

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