Friday, August 14

8 Korean BBQ

Hello! (:

My good friends and I went to 8 Korean BBQ over the jubilee weekend for a celebratory feast and I was totally in awe of the technology that E!ght uses for cooking their meat! Not only is the cooking plate slanted so that the juices from the meat can flow down to the vegetable side dishes, there is a little gulley for the waitress to push the charred remnants from the previous round of cooking through so that the cooking plate can be clean again before the second round of cooking. Interestingly, the waitress uses a piece of radish to clean the plate; wow, I never knew that radish had such cleaning properties!  

On the whole, we were thoroughly satisfied with the food and service that we had that night. The slabs of meat that my friends got to eat looked really thick and juicy and they sang praises of their slices of meat so I guess the food was good (: To accommodate my dietary preferences, we ordered a huge portion of yummy seafood pancake as well as seafood tofu stew, both of which were filling and tasted great! The staff were friendly and they reacted quickly whenever we requested for something so it was nice.

Here are some photos of the dishes we had that night:

Yup that's all for now (: We shall look forward to the weekend! Happy Friday, everyone! (:

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