Sunday, August 30

Three Meals a Day & Kim's Family Restaurant

Last week was a week of stews because we had TWO hotpots in a week, which is a record because I don't particularly like hotpots. But we chose to eat more soupy things last week cos the bub was down with cough and we didn't want to agitate his system, hence we thought warm soupy food would be best.

We had gone to Kim's on two occasions but they were closed cos it was after meal hours (we have pretty odd eating times) so we decided to dine at Three Meals a Day, which turned out to be pretty decent though I really don't think I can ever tackle something as spicy as this again in the near future:

It was pretty torturous cos my tolerance for spicy food is extremely low =| I initially wanted to try to up my tolerance for spicy food because I'll be going to Korea at the end of the year but I think I'll just stick to being safe and boring. Haha

Thankfully, our stew pot at Kim's was much better for two main reasons - it was not spicy and the pot was filled with lots of ingredients that suited my taste! =P

We must remember not to ask for extra noodles at Kim's because the portion is already very large with 1 serving of noodles and there really is no need to pay $5 more for more noodles because we couldn't finish our food in the end! (Actually, even if we didn't ask for more noodles, I highly doubt that we could have finished our food anw cos there was just too much!)

Alright time to get off the comp and enjoy my Sunday! Happy weekend everyone (:

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