Wednesday, August 5

Ristorante de Valentino

Hello (:

We decided to indulge in a treat yesterday to celebrate my tummy feeling better and we went to Valentio's because we wanted to have some pasta/ risotto (:

I sometimes forget how wonderfully hearty Valentino's dishes are and my experience there yesterday was a timely reminder. I absolutely loved their warm, crusty bread and their incredibly fresh tomatoes. Their risotto was flavourful too but it got a little too cheesy/ too much for me so I didn't manage to finish it. I would highly suggest that you share the mushroom risotto if you ever decide to order it; it might go well with a lighter dish (i.e. some other dish without cream base or just some non-carbo dish) so perhaps we shall remember to do that next time (:

The room was slightly dark so we couldn't take good photos, but I guess these will have to do:

Absolutely can't wait for the Jubilee Weekend! Shall press on!

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