Thursday, September 10

Mezza9 Set Lunch

Hello (:

Holidays are a great time to meet and catch up with friends and I must say that my social calendar has been rather packed this hols, much to the delight of my peers who rarely see me during term time =P

One of the nicest and most filling meals I've had this entire week is my lunch at Mezza9. Apart from offering their usual set lunches, they also offer customised set lunches (i.e. you can choose which starter/ main/ dessert you want). You may view their set lunches here:

I chose to have the customised 3-course set lunch and here are the dishes that I ordered:

I think you might not want to order such a simple main dish because it's not really worth the price that you pay so I would highly recommend that you go for the Mezza9 wagyu burger (which was a favourite amongst my friends) or the roast of the day (which my friends loved too). (:

The ambience is nice and we felt comfortable enough to sit there for 3 full hours to just eat and chat (: I would highly recommend Mezza9 if you are looking for a great lunch place during the weekdays!

Alright, time to get some breakfast before reporting for Elections Briefing!

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