Friday, September 18

Real Food

Hello (:

Once in a while, the bub will agree to visit cafes/ restaurants that he will normally not visit on his own because the food served at these places probably do not appeal to him, but he gives in anyway, which is quite nice of him. One of these places is Real Food and I must say that it is difficult not to feel that you've eaten a rather wholesome meal after dining at this cafe.

Some of the dishes that we had during our last visit included:

I must say that the food tastes slightly different from usual because of the ingredients/ substitutes that they use, but the variation in taste is refreshing for me and I would gladly go back to Real Food from time to time to try their other dishes (:

Alright it's time to sleep so that we can wake bright and early to make full use of the weekend! (: Goodnight!

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