Saturday, March 19

Les Amis

Hello! (:

It's the second last day of the March hols and truth be told, I'm pretty happy because this has been one of the more fun and relaxing March hols I've had in a while! (: Part of the fun came from having gone to HCMC, a place which I never thought I would return so soon, and having a brand new experience compared to the first time I was there! (More about that in the next post).

For now, I'll share some pics that were taken at our awesome lunch at Les Amis! (: To date, I don't think I've eaten anything that tastes as exquisite as the food that was served at Les Amis (when it comes to French cuisine that is). Somehow the flavours of the dishes complemented each other very well and the spectacular visual presentation really enhanced the entire experience too!


It's definitely a place that you might wanna consider if you would like to give someone a special treat or to purely indulge in some fine French food (:

Will blog about Vietnam when I can find the time! Need to prep for school this coming week cos I have quite a bit of 'holiday homework' left to do! (: See you!

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