Sunday, March 27

HCMC Eats: Phatty's

Hello! (:

We dropped by Phatty's for our first lunch in HCMC and I was thrilled to finally be able to visit one of the usual spots where bubs usually goes to when he visits HCMC. He told me that the food and ambiance here is great - they essentially serve American food in American-sized portions! I think the staff are also friendly and helpful yet they do not hover that much, which is great because I prefer to be left pretty much alone when I eat unless I've a a request. Phatty's to me is kinda like Chili's in Singapore, except that the food that they serve is different! Great place to hang out for a good long chat (:

Come to think of it, we should have visited on St Patrick's Day to see whether the atmosphere would be a little more hyped up, just for fun, but it's alright (: The restaurant was half filled with relatively old Caucasians when we visited so it wasn't that quiet either.

Okay more in the next post! (:

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