Sunday, March 6

Coffee Lounge High Tea Buffet

Hello (:

We had another one-of-those-odd-timing days recently and we decided to have a late and filling high tea so that we wouldn't have to search for dinner again a few hours later, and off to Coffee Lounge we went for lots of local food. Truth be told, I don't think I'm a huge fan of local fare, meaning I don't need to have it daily and not having it daily wouldn't cause me to feel great discomfort, but I like indulging in it once in a while, and by indulgence I mean eating a lot of it.

I didn't take photos of bubs' plates so what you see in the next few photos are the food that I ate, which I think are pretty good! The best savoury dish (not pictured) is the laksa, which is super spicy (to me) but a definite must-try! (: The desserts are also good, and it was my first time eating apom! (: It tastes like a cold pancake with thicker dough and it comes with banana gravy. Yummy!

It's officially one more week to the hols and for once, I really can't wait for it to arrive cos this term has been gruelling!

Enjoy your Sunday! (:

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