Monday, August 8

Open Farm Community

Hello (:

Today feels like a Friday cos we're gonna be treated to two days of 'break' starting tomorrow, which is great cos we'll have more time to catch up on things that we have/ want to do! (:

Over the weekend, a few of us went to Open Farm Community to celebrate a good friend's belated birthday and I think the food's pretty good! The flavours tend to be rich and strong and they seem to go pretty well together. I like that the ingredients taste fresh so there's no fishiness at all! =P

My friends and I also took a short walk in the open area outside and we are pretty impressed with the open spaces available for diners to play and/or chill out. It's quite a happy place! On the whole, we would definitely return to try more of their dishes and to visit their store which was closed by the time we left the restaurant!

Alright that's all for now! Happy holiday everyone! (: Enjoy National Day! (:

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