Saturday, September 3

Neighbourhood Treats


I just realised I haven't blogged in about a month! =| The truth is most of my foodie posts go on instagram these days so I don't really feel the need to log my food journey here these days but I guess I'll try because this space allows me to type a lot more and the content is more neatly categorised so I can find things more easily (:

Apart from school work, we also are busy juggling personal commitments cos we shifting to a new neigbhourhood at the end of the year! (: So what this means is that we usually end up just buying dinner home from the usual places (we usually go to the tze char place at 6th ave, Casuarina at 6th ave, Da Paolo at Cluny etc.) and eating nearby!

So here's a short post of the yummy desserts that we've had over the past few weeks! Desserts are a necessity in my life and I notice that I always end up eating a huge waffle (or something equivalent) after a long and hard day in school Heh I think I need to exercise some self-restraint! Anyhow, here goes:

 Common Man Coffee Roasters 
(new outlet at Cheong Chin Nam area)

Alright the Sept hols are upon us so we shall make use of the time to catch up on work and to spend time with our loved ones! (:

Have a good weekend! (:

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