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I think I finally satisfied my craving for bread & butter pudding yesterday at Royal Plaza on Scotts' Carousel Lunch Buffet. Somehow, neither of us checked how much the weekend buffet lunch costs so I went there hoping that it wouldn't cost a bomb since I'm pretty price-conscious. The weekend lunch buffet at Carousel costs $45 per pax before GST and service charge. In my opinion, I feel that the price is pretty reasonable because of the sheer amount and variety of food provided! (: My idea of a good buffet is one that has so many types of food that it's almost impossible to savour everything.. heh. I know I sound like a glutton but it's true! Nothing pleases me more than being in the presence of a glorious abundance of food!

Carousel was having some kind of Thai-themed buffet when we went there yesterday so that explains why there were quite a number of Thai-dishes. The cuisine served at Carousel is predominantly Asian (even on non-Thai promotion days) though they also serve other dishes that are commonly found at international buffets.

The moment I stepped into Carousel, I was blown away by the bright and cheery interior decoration. The predominant colours used and seen at Carousel are yellow, orange and red, which help to carry off the "carousel theme" well. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone seemed to be enjoying their plates of yummy food. One thing I didn't quite like was the songs that were playing in the background. Jeffrey said that they sounded like gamelan tunes. Thankfully, the music wasn't too loud so it wasn't too distracting.

Painting on the wall near our table.

Table Setting. I liked the idea of having a cutlery stand to place our utensils! It's definitely more hygienic that putting our used cutlery on the table and it also frees up space on the table top for us to place our plates.

Because there was just simply too much food, we didn't endeavour to try every single dish but instead, chose those that called out to us or were to our liking. Here are some photos of the food that we had at Carousel:
Some greens to start the meal

Broccoli and garlic soup

Two kinds of Thai sweet-and-spicy/sour salad and a tapioca ball

Potato, spinach and scallop

Dim Sum: Siew Mai, Pandan Bao and Har Gao

Sushi Platter

Half a lobster and more sushi

Mac&cheese and grilled vegetables


Chicken meat and crackers

Crackers, Sausage, Fried rice & Siew Mai

Grilled vegetables and different types of meat

Then came my favourite course of every meal! :) I can't believe I had three servings of bread&butter pudding with vanilla sauce! Such a glutton eh. The bread & butter pudding was good and so were the other desserts that we savoured! (:

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate and peanut butter mousse

Bread&butter pudding, some kind of cakey dessert and guava

Bread&butter pudding again, pineapple slices and strawberry covered in chocolate

Vanilla and chocolate icecream (frankly speaking, I don't think the icecream tasted nice at all so perhaps it's wiser to sample other desserts)

Chocolate fondue! (: Marshmellows and fruits covered with chocolate sauce.

We were extremely full at the end of lunch! Our meal was thoroughly satisfying in terms of quality and quantity and we would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a place to indulge in good quality Asian food (as well as bread&butter pudding of course). Oh! One other good thing is that you can get a discount if you pay using certain credit cards so remember to ask the waiter/ waitress about discounts before you foot the bill! :)

Alright, that's all for now! (: I'll update again soon! Take care! (:

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