Saturday, July 18

Sun With Moon

Hello (:

I'm so glad that the weekend has finally arrived! We can take a short break from work and relax a little. Last night, we met up with a couple of friends for dinner at Sun With Moon (Wheelock outlet). We seldom dine at Sun With Moon but we're glad that our dining experiences have been pleasant thus far. One of our friends commented that the outlet at Wheelock exudes a more "atas" feeling compared to the outlet at Clarke Quay. Perhaps we should patronise the outlet at Clarke Quay next time to see if there really is a noticeable difference in atmosphere and ambience.

While waiting for our "bottomless pit" friend to arrive, the rest of us flipped through the menu and eventually decided to order a dinner set each. When "bottomless pit" arrived, we told him that all of us would be ordering dinner sets and he felt pressured by our decisions so he ordered a dinner set too! =) Thankfully, our food tasted good and we enjoyed our food very much!

I ordered the Salmon Terriyaki Steak with Garlic Fried Rice set ($19.80). The salmon steak was succulent and well-marinated. I liked that it wasn't overly dry nor was it drenched in too much terriyaki sauce. The fried rice complemented the salmon steak very nicely because the garlic taste wasn't too overpowering. On the whole, the set was nothing short of delectable.
One of our friends ordered the Sashimi Mori and Unagi Rice Bowl set ($25.80). As she is a small eater, she didn't manage to finish her food despite being very hungry before her food arrived! Thankfully, "bottomless pit" kindly finished her food for her (: She didn't complain about her dinner set so I guess it was pretty well done too.

The Tonkatsu with Egg and Rice Bowl set ($18.80) was the most popular dinner set last night because two people at our table ordered it!

Jeffrey, being an avid fan of katsu don, commented that his tonkatsu set was suprisingly good! (: The extra egg that accompanied his katsu didn't cause him to dislike it. I think we can trust Jeffrey's reviews on katsu dons since he only eats that particular dish whenever he goes to a Japanese restaurant (the only other dish that he eats is Tempura Udon but the times that he orders an alternative to katsu don are few and far between).

We also ordered the Ebi & Unagi CrunchRoll ($13.80), which was pretty nice though I think my favourite sushi roll is Sushi Tei's Dragon Roll. Perhaps it's because I don't like eating unagi skin and I find it a hassle to remove the skin before eating the sushi.

Despite being pretty full after finishing our main courses, we still went ahead to order desserts because I personally feel that a meal is incomplete without dessert! We decided to choose two desserts to share because I don't think we could have finished anything more than that.

Intriguingly, none of us has tried Sun With Moon's famous Tofu Cheesecake ($5.50) prior to yesterday! "Bottomless pit" suggested ordering the Tofu Cheesecake (aka Birdcage) as one of our two desserts. I thought the presentation of this particular dessert is interesting because it looks so contented being housed in a pseudo-birdcage. All of us agreed that the texture of the tofu cheesecake was very smooth and as one of our friends commented, "the taste grows on you". The cake wasn't too cheesy and it tasted like a light cheese cake. Our only gripe was that the portion was shockingly small! =S Oh well, at least the quality made up for the lack of quantity! This Tofu Cheesecake is a definitely a must-try if you are planning to have desserts at Sun With Moon.

The other dessert that we ordered was Matcha Tiramisu ($6.50). It was more decently sized though "bottomless pit" said that it was still quite small. As compared to the Tofu Cheesecake, this dessert wasn't as spectacular probably because it lacked the novel factor that its counterpart had. Nevertheless, it was still a nice dessert to have had.

I really like the idea of ushering in the weekend with good food and marvellous company =) A big thank you to all who were present last night for forking time out to meet up! (: We should do this more often before both of you fly off to your various faraway places!
Alright that's all for now (: Will update again soon! Have a great weekend! (:

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