Sunday, July 12

P.S. Cafe

Hello! (:

I thought about whether I should create a blog about food for quite a long time and I finally decided to go along with the idea after receiving some support from my family members! (:

One reason why I love eating is because it makes me happy. I especially love eating desserts because they have the magical property of picking me up almost instantaneously, especially when I'm feeling crabby.

Apart from having family dinners with my six wonderful family members every Saturday evening, I also try to visit a new restaurant or explore a new food place once every week so as to satisfy the foodie in me. This blog serves as a record of the nice food places that I've visited as well as my personal reviews on them. Hopefully you'll want to visit these places (or not) after reading my entries.

As I've decided not to backdate my entries, I'll blog about the places that I've been to since the start of this month. I hope to update this blog at least once a week! (:

Last weekend, I went to P.S. Cafe at Harding Road for a relatively late lunch with my bf, who's an ardent supporter of my foodscapade project! This is our second visit to P.S. Cafe and the primary reason why we returned there is because I/ we were lured by their wide range of yummy desserts!

P.S. Cafe is tucked at the corner of a bend somewhere in the Dempsey area. You can choose to dine indoors or outdoors. The atmosphere is relaxed and the interior decoration is homey and comfortable. It's a great place to enjoy good food while catching up with friends! (:

I love their table setting (: I think I like the clean-and-minimalist kind of look.

When we first visited P.S. Cafe in November 2008, we didn't get to try their desserts because we were simply too full after polishing off our side dish and our brunch sets! Here are some photos of what we had when we went to P.S. Cafe last year:

A basket of thick-fries which had salt and spices sprinkled on them. I really liked how the spices mixed well with the fries and made them so flavourful! I also liked the little tub of orangey tartar sauce that came along with the fries. The combination of fries and tartar sauce was so good that even my bf, Jeffrey, didn't mind dipping his fries into the sauce (he usually doesn't like to dip his fries into any kind of sauce)!

Frankly speaking, I can't remember which brunch set he ordered but I suspect it's either the "P.S. Big Bacon and Eggs" set or something that's similar to that. I remember Jeffrey enjoying his brunch set very much and he was intrigued by the way his eggs were prepared! (:

I'd pancakes with fruits, maple syrup and butter. They're pretty tasty though I didn't think they were the best pancakes I've ever had. Maybe it's because I prefer fluffier pancakes such as those served at Jones the Grocer or Cedele. Nevertheless, they weren't too bad and I finished everything on my plate! (:

After our failed attempt to savour their desserts the first time round, we decided to do away with the side dish this time so that we can have sufficient space left in our tummies to try one of their famous desserts.

We arrived at P.S. Cafe around 1.30pm and we were surprised to see that there were quite a number of people waiting to be seated! The friendly waitress told us that we had to wait 30minutes for a table and since I was determined to try their desserts, I agreed to wait despite being very hungry!

Upon being seated, we quickly placed our orders and took some photos while waiting for our orders to arrive.

I'd the Green Garden Lasagne which tasted like baked pasta in a quiche "shell". I thought the portion was just nice and the lasagne was not overly cheesy or oily. I enjoyed eating this dish very much!

Jeffrey chose the P.S. Brunch Burger and it was yummy! Jeffrey first got acquainted with wagyu beef burger at Jones the Grocer last year and since then, he is open to trying wagyu beef burgers at other places because the one at Jones the Grocer left a positive impression on him (: The fries that came along with his Brunch Burger were similar to the basket of fries that we ordered last year.

After we devoured our brunch sets, we ordered their famous Double Chocolate Blackout Cake. The slice of chocolate cake was HUGE! It's probably the largest/ tallest chocolate cake that I've ever had! Each bite of chocolate spongecake drenched with thick and rich chocolate sauce, accompanied by a little vanilla icecream was a trip to dessert heaven! (: Jeffrey commented that the chocolate cake was a little too rich for him because he got VERY full from eating it but for a dessert monster like me, nothing is considered "too rich" and I enjoyed every bit of it! (:

I'll definitely go back to P.S. Cafe again some time in the near future to try other kinds of food and desserts! Hopefully my future visits there will be as pleasant as the first two.

Alright I think that's all I've to say for now (: Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats on setting up your new blog! (: Don't worry about the readership because, at the very least, you will always have four! Oh, you can consider putting in the price range for cheapos like me? Haha!

  2. Hello Jade!

    I'm happy with four readers! (:

    Anyway thanks for your great suggestion! I will try to remember the prices of food items from now on and include them in my future blog posts!