Monday, July 13

La Forketta

Hello! (:

I've a confession to make: I'm going through a bread & butter pudding phase. I simply adore eating bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce! (: It has made its way into my list of comfort foods. Initially, Jeffrey and I wanted to go for lunch at some place which serves bread & butter pudding but we abandoned the idea because of various reasons and headed to La Forketta at Dempsey instead.

Frankly speaking, we've been delaying our visit to La Forketta because we read that the quality of service provided at this place wasn't good. However, we decided to give this place a go since their menu looked pretty good and also because we wanted to dine at somewhere new.

Outside of La Forketta. We actually forgot to take a photo of the exterior of La Forketta so we went back the next day just to shoot this photo. Oh by the way, Jeffrey's the official photographer on our foodscapades so he deserves all the credit for nice photographs! (:

The bar inside La Forketta. I think this is one of the few restaurants where waiters and waitresses wear customized restaurant vests that actually look pretty nice (:

The food station. I like how they decorate their restaurant with tall vases of beautiful flowers.

Table setting. The seats were very comfortable and I can actually cross my legs if I want to because the hand rests do not line the entire length of the seat.
The lovely flower on our table! I think they change their flowers once every few days or so because we saw a waiter carrying in fresh bouquets of flowers while we were having lunch.
Jeffrey and I had a glass of orange juice ($5.50) each. Actually, it doesn't make sense to drink water at La Forketta because you have to pay $5.50 for a small bottle of water. A glass of fruit juice or fizzy drink like Sprite or Coke also costs $5.50. Jeffrey thinks that this relatively strange way of pricing is part of their marketing strategy to get people to order non-water beverages, which typically costs more than water, so that they can earn more money! (Though I'm not sure how this makes any economical or mathematical sense)

The moment we sat down, we were asked whether we wanted their bread basket ($4.50). We wanted to order garlic bread but since we couldn't find garlic bread on the menu, we said okay to the bread basket. I think we didn't regret accepting their bread basket because it contained different types of crispy bread as well as four slices of warm pizza! (: What a great starter for our meal!
I ordered Pesto Pasta (~$25) and it tasted pretty cheesy/ creamy. Thankfully the cheesiness/ creaminess didn't overpower the pesto flavour (: Their pasta tasted and looked a bit like udon, which explains why I was quite full despite the seemingly small portion.

Jeffrey ordered Carbonara Pasta (~$29) and he was thoroughly amused by the thin cheese shreds that were sprinkled on his pasta as well as around the edges of his plate! He also felt that the portion was a little too small but thankfully his pasta tasted pretty good.

For dessert, we decided to order a slice of tiramisu because the waitress recommended it. We tend to order tiramisu whenever we dine at Italian restaurants because we've the preconceived notion that most Italian restaurants serve nice tiramisu. Sad to say, the tiramisu served at La Forketta was possibly the WORST tiramisu that I've ever tasted =( The sponge cake was so hard that it could only be cut if sufficient strength was applied! Yikes. Oh well, we'll just not order tiramisu again in future if and when we return to La Forketta.

On the whole, our experience at La Forketta was pretty okay if we discount the dessert portion of the meal. Neverthless, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed because it would have been better to end our meal with a better-tasting dessert. Oh well, better luck next time!
Alrighty, that's all for now (: Will update again soon! Have a great week ahead everyone!

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