Thursday, August 20

10 at Claymore

Our last minute decision to head down to Pan Pacific Orchard for their lunch buffet at 10@Claymore didn't turned out to be a disappointment, despite it having smallest spread of dishes I've ever encountered for a lunch buffet. The peaceful and serene ambience, the attentive yet unintrusive waiters and waitresses and the overall quality of the foood served more than made up for the limitied variety of food dishes. Also, the small selection of dishes meant that we could actually try every single dish on display instead of deliberating whether we should eat this or that for fear of the lack of stomach space.

The tables are set up beautifully, adorning the restaurant with a pristine image.

Soup of the day - Yummy Mushroom Soup. Jeffrey and I thought that their mushroom soup was one of the best that we've tasted. It's thick and creamy, yet not overpowering. I don't know if everyone is only entitled to one bowl of soup because it wasn't part of the buffet spread and it was served to our table by a waiter.

Bread with three kinds of butter (normal butter, herb butter and dried tomato butter). I think the butter served at Don Quijote was dried tomato butter because it looks similar to the orange butter in this photo.
Irish Stew. The sauce was very tasty! I enjoyed dipping my bread into it and eating it.
Some of the dishes that we had (we had many repetitive rounds!):

Long beans, Squid pasta salad (yum!), Crunchy japanese cucucmber, Sweet potato salad (yum!)
Broccoli, Beef, Sausage, Stewed potatoes, Apple cinnamon rice (interesting!)
Stewed vegetables, Fish with pesto sauce (yum!), Stewed potatoes, Apple cinnamon rice

Squid pasta, Apple cinnamon rice, Lamb, Fish with pesto sauce

Chocolate fondue. They have the BIGGEST chocolate fountain I've ever seen! It's essentially a chocolate fountain that's surrounded by two outer rings of condiments which you can cover with chocolate! Amazing (:
Warm pear crumble with vanilla sauce (yum!) I'd many servings of this! =)
Light cheesecake with blueberry topping and chocolate cake (which tasted like Lana cake to some extent)
Frothy latte that came from the machine! (: I'm impressed by how much foam this coffee machine can produce (: The latte tasted pretty nice too.

The bill came in a little nice sachet =) There was 30% discount for all credit cards so our meal costsabout $25/head after discount! Pretty reasonable, I'd say (: Definitely a place to go to if you're craving for some yet not feeling particularly hungry! =)

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