Saturday, August 22

Restoran Pekin

Last weekend, my family decided to make a trip to Malaysia for dinner again! (: This time, instead of eating at their open-air roadside coffeeshop, my dad decided to bring us to a relatively famous Chinese restaurant that he had always wanted to bring my mum to.

All of us were surprised to see how big this restaurant is! There were THREE Chinese wedding dinners being held there simultaneously - that's how big the restaurant is. It had the capacity to host three wedding dinners as well as normal customers like us! Amazing.

The table setting is pretty normal but what intrigued me was this super chingchong Chinese-looking plate! Only some of us had 'special Chinese plates' whereas the rest of us had normal plain white porcelain plates.

Keropok! These little crackers were actually a tad spicy.
Peanuts! This dish was more popular amongst us (and I suspect it has to do with its non-spiciness as well as them being the objects of my sister's chopsticks practice).

Fried man tous. We usually order fried man tous for my brother, who is a fussy eater, whenever we dine at a Chinese restaurant because that's probably the only thing he eats apart from plain rice. The fried man tous here tasted normal, but then again how different can man tous taste right?

Beancurd. Personally, I found the beancurd rather interesting because it had a dark green layer of beancurd on top of the normal beancurd. I think the dark green layer had some vegetable bits in it if I'm not wrong but the vegetable taste wasn't very strong. Mum said that the beancurd was made of "egg tofu" so I guess you can infer the texture of the beancurd. It was nice (:

Broccoli with scallops. I love broccoli but I don't really like cauliflower, I think it has got something to do with their tastes and looks. Apart from their apparent similarity in looks, I think broccoli tastes healthier somehow. Maybe it's just my personal preference at work. Heh. This dish tasted pretty normal as well.

Lobster salad cold dish. We hardly ever order lobsters in Singapore because they're terribly expensive! Dad was feeling generous that night so he ordered this dish as a treat for all of us! =) The lobster flesh was somewhat tough in my opinion but the salad mixture kind of made up for it =) The rest of the side dishes were generally okay. We didn't like the beancurd skin thingy on the right hand side of the photo though.

Stir-fried kai lan. This was probably the most interesting 'rendition' of kai lan I've ever tasted. While the stems were cooked in the normal Chinese stir-fry manner, the leaves were deep-fried till they were crunchy! They tasted like seaweed! Quite a nice change from the usual kai lan dish.

Pekin duck! In Singapore, the 'normal' way of serving Pekin duck (aka Beijing ya) is to skin the duck and make duck-skin crepe rolls then cook the remaining duck meat in whatever way you request for. At this restaurant, they add duck meat into the crepe rolls and they don't let you choose how you want your duck to be cooked because it will be served along with the crepe rolls. My family members seem to prefer the Singaporean style of serving this dish but one of my sisters said that the Malaysian way of serving is more authentic because that's how it's done in Beijing.

The entire meal came up tp RM535 which is roughly equivalent to $220. I think we should head to Malaysia once in a while to indulge in relatively cheaper food. Alright, that's all for now. Have a great weekend! =)

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