Wednesday, August 26


We've been to Prego twice so far and on both occasions, we went there partly because we had to get some stuff from Raffle City Shopping Mall and also because we were having lunch late. Most restaurants operate from 11.30am to about 2.30pm and then they take a break till 5pm or so when they re-open for dinner. Last week, we chose to eat at Prego because we knew that we would get food even if we don't make it to the restaurant by 2.15pm, which is the time when most restaurants take their last lunch orders, because we can still order proper food (i.e. pizza and pasta) off their "light bites" menu.

Prego is situated at the corner of Fairmont Singapore and it is a great place for a relaxing weekend meal with family and friends. I always feel at ease when I go to Prego because its quiet and calm environment makes me feel like I've temporarily escaped the hustle and bustle of city life, which is quite ironic given the fact that the restaurant is not very far from the main road!

The bar area. It's usually empty except for the few bartenders who potter around behind the counter, preparing drinks for their customers.

Typical table setting. The seating capacity is quite large so the restaurant was never full during either of our visits.

Tomato dip. I like it because it was neither too chunky nor salty. It gave our plain bread just enough taste to whet our appetites.

Jeffrey cutting the huge loaf of bread. The bread was unexpectedly soft on the inside and it was warm too. I love eating warm bread =)

Spinach pasta 'dumplings' with cherry tomatoes in tomato sauce ($25). Alright I admit that it had a fancier name but I can't remember it now =( Personally, I think it's more useful to remember the condiments of a particular dish rather than its name because it's difficult to guess what the dish is just by looking at its name. Anyhow, this was the first time I tried spinach pasta 'dumplings' and I loved it! (: Definitely a good change from the usual pasta and spaghetti! It's also mess-free because you don't have to worry about the splattering sauce over your top.

Ham & Mushroom Pizza ($25). If I'm not wrong, Jeffrey ordered this pizza the first time we went to Prego as well! I guess he has (un)consciously conditioned his mind to choose certain types of food, for example this particular pizza, even though he does not remember having eaten this pizza the previous time. Heh. Amusing!

Tiramisu (~$12). Jeffrey & I have nicknamed Prego's tiramisu "the running man tiramisu" because the picture on surface of the tiramisu seems to depict a running man! The tiramisu was pretty normal. It had a bit more cream than the other tiramisus that we had, which gave it a slightly mousse-y feeling.

Frankly speaking, I don't think I'll go back to Prego any time soon because I think their food is overpriced. We made the colossal mistake of ordering a glass of sprite without checking how much it costs. I regretted ordering it when I found out that it costs $7! Oh my.. that must have been the most expensive glass of sprite that I've drunk in my entire life! Having said that, if you've extra cash to spare and if you're looking for a place to have a slow, relaxed and nice weekend meal, you can always go to Prego to indulge in some Italian food.

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