Friday, January 29


A few days ago, I went for my first Ladies' Night buffet at Greenhouse at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Prior to this visit, I've never been to Grenehouse nor have I attended any function at Ritz. Ritz Carlton, in my opinion, is an extremely up-market hotel so I never thought much about dining there because I know the experience would probably cost quite a bit. My best friend, Joanne, and I took advantage of their 1-for-1 Ladies' Night dinner buffet promotion to celebrate my birthday and to catch up over dinner.

We were given a table at the far end of the restaurant, which was pretty alright because it was quieter and we could talk without worrying about whether we were disturbing others or whether they were eavesdropping on us. The only downside to our table was that we didnt' have much lighting! We finally couldn't take the darkness and asked for a candle to be placed on our table.

Anyhow, the buffet spread was pretty big. There was a bread corner, Japanese food counter, Indian food counter, salad and sides corner, roasted meat corner, on-the-spot-noodles-corner, a round about cooked food display counter, a crepe and ice-cream corner as well as a dessert bar. There's definitely sufficient variety to cater to people with different tastes so that's a plus point for this particular buffet.

Here are some photos which I managed to snap (the later photos were taken with flash because there was hardly any light at our table after sunset!).

Salmon sashimi. The slices were thick and fresh! (: I loved having this as my starter!

Clockwise from left: calamari salad, smoked salmon on plate (yum!), goose liver, fruit salad, fried ngoh hiang.

Clockwise from left: Fruit salad, Indian styled potatoes and vegetables, lettuce with roe and dressing, sauteed mushrooms

Clockwise from left: oyster, vegetable salad, Japanese-styled salad, roasted meat, tuna on plate

Clockwise from left: tamago sushi, Indian styled fish (yum!), cod fish, broccoli, fried noodles (yumyum!)

Clockwise from left: Creme brulee (yum!), white chocolate, mango with coconut milk sago (yum!), lime flavoured mousse on sponge cake

Clockwise from left: milk chocolate with praline (yum!), chocolate mousse (yumyum!), creme brulee (yum!), tiramisu

Mango with coconut milk sago (yumyum! but a bit filling though), raspberry sponge cake, dark chocolate cake with crunchy base (base was a bit too hard)

Lemon-y mousse with whipped cream topping (it was shockingly sour!), chocolate coated strawberries and marshmellows

Best dessert of the night: crepe with strawberry slices and (choice of) icecream

On the whole, I thought that the meal was quite worth it given the 1-for-1 offer but I don't think I would pay the actual price to dine there because the quality wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Joanne commented that the standard of their cooked food was extremely disappointing and I have to agree with her though I think that their fried noodles were fantastic! =) Thanks Joanne for treating me to dinner and for spending time with me! =) I'd a great time and I hope you did too! (:

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