Thursday, January 28


I think the last week of January is probably the most indulgent week in the entire year (foodwise) for me because I get to eat good food almost every day! As much as I enjoy eating, I'm subconsciously a little worried that my system may not be able to cope with the sudden influx of copious amounts of rich food! Nevertheless, it's always wonderful to eat, chitchat and gossip with wonderful people who make the effort to celebrate my birthday with me (:

This year, my week-long birthday feast started at Goodwood Park Hotel's L'espresso! Five of my very generous friends (Huixin, Jake, Jieqi, Nicholas & Vera) decided to give me an English hightea buffet treat after school on Monday! =) The six of us zoomed down to Goodwood Park immediately after class and spent our entire afternoon eating and chatting. As I seldom go out in groups, I was very surprised at how relaxed the entire outing was and I really enjoyed myself. Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday with me and for treating me! =)

As I feel that it is quite rude to keep snapping photographs when I'm out with friends since they may not believe in practising the same pre-food ritual as me (i.e. taking photos of food before eating), I didn't take photos of every single plate of food that we had. Nevertheless, I'd like to share some photos that I managed to take to showcase what's on offer at L'espresso.

L'espresso is located next to the swimming pool of Goodwood Park Hotel. It has a very cosy living room seating arrangement which appealed to most of us. Their tea cups and saucers look very English because of the floral patterns on them.

We could choose two kinds of tea/ coffee to compliment our free flow of food. Actually, you can also enjoy free flow of tea as long as you choose teas that come in teapots (i.e. hot tea and not iced tea). If you choose to have something that comes in a single glass (e.g. iced tea or latte), you will not get any free refills.

Latte (non-refillable).

Cute little teapot that contains seemingly endless supply of tea.

Tea leaves sieve. I was especially intrigued by this little device! It helps to keep your tea leaf-free! Amazing (:

From left to right (clockwise): Carrot sticks, sandwich (yum!), toasted cheese and vegetables bread, salmon with caviar on bread (yum!)

Left to right (clockwise): Kueh pie tee (yumyum! a must try!), egg mayo sandwich (yum!), toasted bread with tuna filling, some other kind of sandwich (yum!)

From left to right (clockwise): Vegetable pasta (yum!), toasted cheese and tomato bread, croissant with salami, kueh pie tee (yumyum!), prawn fritters, some random cucumber slices.

From left to right (clockwise): Crepe roll with condiments, open-top tapas-like sandwiches (yum!), croissant with ham, potato balls (yum!)

From left to right (clockwise): Vegetarian pasta, salmon with caviar on bread, potato balls (all are yummy!)

Bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce. Ooh I liked this a lot! (: Would have liked it even more if the bread & butter pudding was warm but it was still good enough to satisfy my bread & butter craving! (:

Creme brulee. This is an absolute must-try when you dine at L'espresso! It's really one of the best creme brulee that I've ever tasted.

Left to right: Strawberry coated with chocolate sauce, matcha and cheese cake (yumyum!), chocolate hazelnut cake (yumyum!)

From left to right (clockwise): brownie, soursop with mango shooter (yumyum!), layered chocolate cake (yumyum!), raspberry sponge cake.

From left to right: a slice of pear tart, some fruits, soursop and mango shooter (yumyum!)

From left to right (clockwise): Matcha and cheese cake (yumyum!), layered chocolate cake (yumyum!), fruit tart, chocolate eclair (yumyum! must try!)

I would highly recommend this buffet to anyone who loves dainty English bite-size tea nibblers and tea! =) It's a good place to eat and catch up with friends because it's pretty quiet (apart from the piano player's music) and the ambience is nice and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon there with my friends. Thanks again, the five of you! =) I left Goodwood feeling full and contented (:

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