Saturday, January 9

PS Cafe @Paragon

I know most of you will probably find non-meaty/ veggie burgers pretty disgusting because who in the right mind will pay money for a burger stuffed with veggie patty and vegetables, but you know what? I actually LIKE eating veggie burgers! =)

To be frank, I used to be one of those who think that veggie burgers belong to the category of food that I will never touch but I'd a change of mind after trying Monster Mash's veggie burger. Ever since then, I'll make a subtle attempt to try veggie burgers whenever I don't feel like having the other more 'worth it' stuff on the menu.

A few days ago, I chanced upon one of the nicest tasting veggie burgers that I've tasted in a while. A couple of friends and I were at PS Cafe at Paragon and I decided to order their Garden Vegetable Burger because I never had the chance to try this. Prior to this visit, I've only patronised the PS Cafe outlet at Harding Road so I didn't have knowledge of this gem because it isn't listed in their menu. Different PS Cafes have varying menus so you may want to check them out to help you decide which outlet to go to.

Garden vegetable burger ($20). As you can see, the vegetable patty that was wedged in between the two wholesome multigrain buns was thick and well-cooked. I was a little uncertain as to whether it'll taste as good as it looks but all my doubts vanished when I took my first bite. The vegetable patty was, in my opinion, what a perfect veggie patty should be: moist, packed with many kinds of vegetables, flavourful and non-oily. I enjoyed eating every morsel of it! =)

Although the PS burger is gloriously good, you may want to try their garden vegetable burger if you are keen to try an alternative burger (: Oh, and if you know of any other places that serves nice veggie burgers, please let me know! Thanks!

Have a great weekend! (:


  1. Haha, the idea of a vegetable patty is funnily bizarre! (:

  2. You should try it if you're sick of eating mcchicken burger! haha I would like to think that it's infinitely better than subway's veggie delight though I've never tried the latter before.