Friday, January 1

Al Qasr

Before I start this entry, I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year! (:

My siblings and I cooked a simple NYE dinner and watched Public Enemy by way of celebrating the passing of 2009. I enjoyed our quiet, homely celebration because I personally dislike squeezing with crowds. Anyway, I hope that 2010 will be a great year for most, if not all, of us! May we make good use of time and effort to pursue the goals that we've set for ourselves!

On the eve of NYE, Jeffrey and I met up with a couple of friends at a Lebanese restaurant called Al Qasr in Holland Village.

One of our friends suggested having Lebanese food and we found this welcoming restaurant diagonally across Walawala. We browsed through the menu and found the items palatable so we went in and got ourselves a table.

The interior of the restaurant was very well-designed. The brown and red colours and the intricate details of the decorations on the walls gave off an exotic feel.

Turkish coffee ($5). I didn't expect it to be so dark in colour! My friend ordered this because he read/ heard about it =)

Complimentary soft nuts (tastes like one of those nuts you can find at kachang puteh stalls).

Complimentary vegetable nibblers.

As none of us have tried Lebanese food before, we simply chose what we thought we would like and thankfully, all of us gave thumbs up for our respective main courses. I think Lebanese food tastes a little like Indian food in that it's pretty laden with spices. As a result, the food is extremely flavourful and it leaves you and your tastebuds feeling highly satisfied. Here are some photos of our main courses:

Vegetarian kebab ($22).

Shirazy kebab/ Chicken kebab ($22).

Sultani kebab/ lamb kebab ($22).

Fish fillet ($27).

We dug into our food and finished all that were on our plates =) The staff were extremely friendly and nice. Not only did they offer us complimentary turkish sweets for dessert, they also served us complimentary cammomile tea after that! All of us were very impressed with their good service.

Complimentary turkish sweets.

In sum, we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Al Qasr and we would definitely return for more good food! =)


  1. Haha, had to google "Lebanese"! Anyway, was thinking that the lamb kebab looks like Nette's pangsai fish! (:

  2. HAHAHA! Jeffrey asked "what's pangsai fish". He can't google that!