Friday, August 27


Hello! The weekend's finally here! (: (: (: This week's been pretty exhausting because there was quite a lot going on in betweeen lessons but I have learnt much from the various people that I have spoken to and I'm thankful for that (: I realise I like talking to people and listening to them share about their experiences because it gives me a wider perspective and things to think about.

Today, I'd like to share about Barossa, a restaurant bar that's located at Esplanade Mall. I have the impression that the restaurants located along the outdoor area of Esplanade tend to be pretty quiet in the day but they transform into hotspots at night! I guess people generally go out at night to chill instead of doing so in the middle of the day.

In any case, we visited Barossa during the National Day period so they'd a special celebratory menu. Although the variety on the celebratory menu was more limited than their usual, we still managed to find dishes that suited our liking so we decided to dine there (:

The impressive drinks counter which we sat in front of. I'm not a drinker so I don't know much about drinks but I can appreciate a wellstocked/ well-decorated drinks shelf!

For starters, we decided to go for their unique Barossa Salad ($15), which turns out to be one of the best salads I've ever tasted! (: The salad was extremely flavourful and it was also slightly sweeter than usual because there were raisins and other sweet little bits in it which I absolutely love! I think this is a must-try when one goes to Barossa! The explosion of different flavours with every bite will definitely whet your appetite for your main course!

Our first main was crab meat linguine ($22.90), which was slightly spicy but delicious on the whole. I like how their spaghetti wasn't overcooked and maintained its tanginess! We were also served generous portions of crabmeat which made the entire dish really enjoyable (:

Their mushroom and ham pizza ($20) superceded our expectations! The generous amount of toppings on the pizza (including small chunks of cheese) made the entire pizza taste unhealthily wholesome! (: I LOVED IT! Jeffrey also agreed that this was one of the better pizzas that we've tasted so far! We managed to finish all the food on our platters!

Last but not least, we tried their sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream ($12), which was different from the other stick date puddings that we've tried in that the pudding wasn't too dense, which is good because I didn't think I could handle anything too heavy after ingesting our huge main courses! Like I told my little V1ewp0in7 readers, I like sticky date pudding a lot because it's a combination of a cold and warm dessert! "Go sweet on dates!" (:

Alright I think that's all for now (: I hope that I'll be productive this weekend! Have a great one everybody! (:


  1. hahaahaahh /:) nice newpaper miss jan! :) much appreciated:) anyways, can i email you the summary instead of handing it up to you? i'll email it by tmr... :) okay? -wanyy jh107.

  2. Hello Wanny! (: Sure email me!