Monday, August 16


On days like today, I plough through the back log of photos that I've yet to post, hoping that I'll take to a particular batch of photos and indulge in them a little, let my soul sink into the sinfulness and be rinsed of all the bothersome things that are clogging my mind, my heart, my life.

Applebees is definitely one of the few (expensive) fastfood restaurants that one should visit when one wants a thoroughly enjoyable reverse-detox eat-your-heart-out session. Not only do they serve a wide variety of western comfort food, their portions are also HUGE. Even the hungriest person would feel satiated after a full meal (starters + mains + dessert) at Applebees.

We visited Applebees on a weekend, hence we didn't get to try their lunch promotions, which apparently is value-for-money. Nevertheless, our experience there convinced us that this IS the place to go in future if we an overdose of above-average western food.

Since I've misplaced our receipt and I can't find the Applebees menu online, I can only rely on my memory of the dishes that we had sans the fancy names and prices. For starters, we had a platter of different items, namely: nachos with spinach and cheese dip, cheese sticks with tomato dip and prawns! Honestly we didn't expect the portions to be so big! We could hardly finish our food! I thought the spinach and cheese dip was extremely good! (: I loved dipping my nachos, cheesesticks and even prawns into it! Yumyum.

This is a close up photo of the prawns. I think the prawns are honey-glazed prawns if I'm not wrong. They were surprisingly fresh and succulent! I seldom have honey-glazed prawns and I thought that this certainly superceded my expectations.

For mains, we ordered a burger to share! I think this is the beef burger with fried onion shreds which, in my opinion, were the highlight of the dish! The staright cut fries are also very yummy (: Loved having them with the spinach-cheese dip!

Last but not least, we ordered their signature dessert - pecan brownie with vanilla icecream! (: In Jeffrey's words, it was 'like the Applebees version of Swensens' apple crumble' because it came on a hot plate as well! Come to think of it, it DOES resemble Swensens' apple/ banana crumble with icecream, which may explain why I loved it so much! I usually do not eat nuts but this particular brownie didn't taste too bad with nuts. The brownie was denser than I'd expected, which also means that it's chokful of flavour! It's a definite must-try for dessert monsters.

Alright it's time for me to go back to work now. I hope that everyone'll have a pleasant week ahead! Take care! (:

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