Saturday, February 19

Cabbages & Condoms

Hello! (:

I learnt that one of my good friends (DODO!) will be going to Bangkok next weekend so I've decided to post some Bangkok-related food posts so that people who are travelling to Bangkok will have some ideas of where to dine at when they're there!

I've been going to Bangkok during December for the past two years and I have to admit that Thai food tastes much better there! I'm not too sure if it's because their ingredients are fresher, the way they prepare their dishes are slightly different or perhaps it's simply because having Thai food in Thailand makes the entire experience more authentic! Whatever it is, I think it's always a good idea to eat local food whenever one travels so as to get a taste of what the locals eat/ are famous for making!

We have been going back to Cabbages and Condoms for the past two years partly because it's located near the hotel that we stayed at and partly because the food and service there are good!

Upon entering their restaurant, you will be greeted with made-with-condoms-life-sized-statues like this Santa Claus! haha They're quite amusing to look at actually (:

Jeffrey chose to have a glass of Orange Juice whereas I opted for the Thai Iced-Milk Tea which is a much sweeter version of the milk tea that you can find in Singapore but I like it! =)

Complimentary basket of crackers - if you like them a lot, you can purchase packets of them!

This was one of the chef's special dishes - fried springroll with shrimp and banana! I know it sounds a little gross but it was surprisingly good! Loved how the sweet and savoury flavours just gelled together for this dish.

Thai fried olive rice with lots of other vegetables sitting along the perimeters of the plate.

Stir-fried morning glory aka 'kangkong'. This dish tasted very much like kangkong but I'm not quite sure if they're the same. It's a good veggie dish to have because the vegetables are very crunchy and fresh!

Hot plate pepper fish slices =)

For dessert, we ordered one of their traditional Thai desserts - mango with sticky rice - as well as

warm yam paste with ginko nuts to share. Needless to say, I finished most of the two desserts since I'm a dessert monster! They were both good so I guess it doesn't really matter which you choose, it all depends on your preference (:

Alright that's all for now! You may visit the Cabbages and Condoms website for more information if you're interested in going there to dine!

Happy weekend everyone! =)

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  1. i went to this restaurant after reading your post! =D

    yummy stuff.
    but disturbing images.


    see you later today~~ or soon!

    <3 tubby