Wednesday, February 23

Shangri-la (Bangkok) High Tea


Here's a quick post to remind my dear friend who's flying off to Bangkok in a couple of days time to remind her to go to Shangri-la to have high tea! =) Unlike in Singapore where high tea buffets are quite common, it's surprisingly difficult to find restaurants/ hotels in Bangkok that serves (buffet) high tea! While we were there on our previous visit, we decided to go to Shangri-la to check out if their high tea is similar to ours.

We managed to try two types of tea and the one that I chose was really nice except that I can't remember what it's called at the moment! =S The tea selection in Bangkok is definitely much smaller than in Singapore so tea lovers may not think that it's worth having high tea in Shangri-la Bangkok! But even in Singapore, one can only opt to change their tea flavours twice so I don't think this is much of difference!

Our three-tiered non-refillable high tea food! (: It wasn't particularly good or bad, just average.

This plate of pad thai was THE BOMB. I highly recommend it! If you ever go to Shangri-la in Bangkok, you MUST try their pad thai as it's the best I've tasted thus far!

Alright I've other more pressing things to do now. Will update this space again this weekend if possible! =)

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