Tuesday, February 1

Skinny Pizza

Hello! (:
One of my dearest girls commented yesterday that I haven't updated this space since she read the entry on Paradise Dynasty so I've taken her hint and decided to post an entry today! =)

One of the new places that we've been to recently is actually not incredibly new. In fact, Skinny Pizza has been around for quite some time just that we never had the urge or impetus to visit it. If you know me, I don't really like pizzas with extremely thin crusts/ base because I dislike the biscuit-y texture so when I learnt that Skinny Pizza's base and crust is similar to crackers in terms of its thinness and crispiness, that knowledge served as a kind of repellent and deterred me from dining there. However, we managed to get our hands on a Skinny Pizza voucher so we decided not to waste it and made our way down to Wheelock's Skinny Pizza for a meal!

Skinny Pizza's pretty noisy in terms of ambience - people tend to chat pretty loudly when they meet up with other people and couple the chitterchatter with music blaring from the house speakers, it's no wonder I found it difficult to hear what Jeffrey was saying!

Initially, I asked for a 'Pineapple Pitstop' (do you see it on one of the cardboard in the second photo of this entry?) since it was a highly recommended drink but unfortunately it was out of stock! Since I was in the mood for some juice, I decided to go for a glass or orange juice ($6.50) instead, which on hindsight seems a little pricey. Maybe I should have stuck to my usual sprite instead.

Jeffrey opted for a cup of hot chocolate ($4.50), which was pretty decent (:

Since I/ we usually make it a point to try the chef's recommended dishes at whichever restaurant that we go to, we chose to have the ginger chicken pizza ($21) as our first main dish! To say that the toppings on our pizza were served in generous portions is an understatement because our toppings were literally falling off our pizza base! In fact, the ingredients were so heavy that they caused the base to crack as we carried our pizza slices to our plates. The pizza tasted like a fusion dish because the chicken topping was slightly curry-flavoured and Indian-y! There were also slices of hardboiled egg, cashew nuts and rocket leaves to add flavour to this unique tasting pizza! I kid you not when I say that it's one of the most flavourful pizzas that I've eaten and it's something that I would highly encourage everyone to try just for the sake of trying something new!

Our other main dish was more run-of-the-mill - lobster linguine ($22) - but it nevertheless earned two thumbs up from us because it was so wonderfully done! =) We loved this pepper-flavoured dish and the extremely generous portions of lobster meat! Would definitely order this again the next time I return! Yumyum!

As Skinny Pizza is some what associated with Barracks @House, both restaurants serve similar desserts! I have an extremely good impression of desserts at Barracks so I was determined to order some even though I was pretty full from our main courses!

We decided to order two desserts in the end so that we could have something which was tried-tested-and-proven-fantastic and something that we've never tasted before! The novel dessert that we chose to have was the warm banana caramel cake ($7) which was served with popcorn! (: I fell instantaneously in love with the sweet and salty combination that this cake offers and so I happily ate most of it!

The other dessert that we ordered was the chocolate toffee cake ($12) which is a chocolate lover's dream dessert (: The chocolate sponge had the right amount of density and the chocolate fudge layer was to-die-for! This is the ultimate indulgence! =)

In all, our trip to Skinny Pizza was surprisingly fulfilling and I think it's worth going back again in future! (: Okay that's all for today!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone in advance! (: Xing nian kuai le, tian tian kuai le! (:


  1. hahhhahha! :) thanks for updating miss jan! happy CNY! :)

  2. No problem! (: Happy Chinese New Year to you too, Wan Yee! (: