Tuesday, February 15

Pete's Place

Hello everyone! (:

My brain's feeling really exhausted right now so instead of doing work, I shall blog about Pete's Place! =) We went there a couple of weeks ago for their weekend lunch buffet which was surprisingly affordable! It only costs $28++/pax and you can eat as much as you want! The only downside to this seemingly perfect deal is that the range of dishes is limited so you'll probably end up eating a lot of the same dish again and again. But thankfully, the dishes are all of average or above-average quality so eating the same thing over and over again wasn't too much of a problem!
Pete's Place is located underground! It has an old-school, cosy Italian restaurant kind of feel and it was packed with people when we arrived!

As usual, we ordered our current favourite drink - Pellegrino sparkling mineral water ($9).
Interestingly, Pete's Place is one of the few restaurants that we've gone to that serves cashew nuts and a few other kinds of nuts! =) This being the festive season, we took a bowl of nuts to share!

As usual, Jeffrey got his greens as well as a handful of nuts.

I couldn't help but cut generous slices of bread and scoop up three types of butter (normal, tomato and herbal) to eat while waiting for the cooks to top up the buffet food so as to appease my growling tummy! There were many types of bread on display so people who love to eat bread will have a field day!

Stir-fried cabbage with bacon bits, grilled fish, some nuts and a slice of meat! Apparently the meat tasted pretty good but I didn't try it. I ate many slices of fish though! =)

Close-up shot of a slice of fish, some spinach and greens and lots of cashew nuts!

Here's when the pasta spamming starts! As you can see from the phot above, there were two types of 'noodle choices': spaghetti and linguine. Though they look exceedingly plain in the photo above, I must say that they taste pretty good! Looks can be deceptive! =) And I guess Jeffrey couldn't help but take another slice of meat, this time with some sauce to make it tastier!

And I decided to come up with my own creation: spaghetti with mushroom cream sauce! It actually tasted pretty much like Carbonara so Jeffrey being a Carbonara lover, decided to try my modest creation!

More spaghetti with broccoli and generous servings of mushrooms in cream sauce! Yum!

The desserts kept changing due to high demand so whether or not we got to eat the yummier desserts depended pretty much on our luck! The tiramisu (left) was a hot favourite and it tasted very authentic - thankfully it got replaced quite often so we managed to get two slices of it! The chocolate cake (right) wasn't as fantastic.

Just before we left, I decided to check the counter again and there was cheesecake with jam and oreos and I quickly nabbed a slice! =) The cheesecake was much better than the chocolate cake but I still maintain that the tiramisu was the best dessert I'd that day =)

Pete's Place offers affordable dining in a cosy and welcoming environment and it's definitely a place that I'll revisit in future if I've a strong craving for large quantities of pretty good Italian food! It's a great place for family gatherings and meet-ups as well! Hopefully my entire family can visit this place in the near future! =)

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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