Sunday, May 1


Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted because I've been slightly under the weather these days so I haven't been very active online. I shall now do a very quick update on my recent trip to a burger joint in the eastern part of Singapore (where I don't usually frequent)!

My best friend who's touring Europe right now decided to meet for her pre-departure meal at Veganburg, which is actually a perfect place for me because I can eat everything on the menu! (:

Although it was a Saturday night, it wasn't fully packed and we were quite thankful for that because we didn't want to feel like we'd to quickly finish our food and leave the place. Veganburg operates a little like Mos Burger: you go to the counter to order and pay for your food, get a table number block and wait for your food to arrive!

We chose to have three different types of drinks: Orange passionfruit, beetroot carrot and spinach wheatgrass. They tasted pretty alright - nothing too jarring for the palate despite their rather dubious/ overly-healthy-sounding names. I love the colours of our drinks!

We ordered a serving of potato spinach pops ($3.80) to share since they were highly recommended and I must say that the three of us didn't regret ordering this! I'm a fan of both potato AND spinach so this was simply a match made in heaven!

For our main courses, we each ordered a burger set. Each burger set comes with fries and a drink (which was featured above).

This is a snapshot of the Tangy Tartar Burger with fries ($9.85 for the set),

the char-grilled satay burger with fries ($10.85 for the set) and

the cracked pepper mayo burger with fries ($9.85 for the set). I had the cracked pepper mayo burger set and it was much better than expected! (: I've always liked eating veggie burgers and I thought that a fried veggie patty would taste funny but surprisingly, this was pretty alright! I especially liked the peppery taste but if you're not a fan of pepper, I'd suggest you choose the other options. The fries were delectable and I wouldn't mind having extra portions of it!

I must thank Jo for introducing Veganburg to me and for treating us that day! (: I hope you're doing well in Europe babe!

Alright it's time to sleep. Will update again soon! Take care everyone (:

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