Tuesday, May 31


Hello! (:

I'm back from Malaysia! (: As much as I dislike the toilets, I enjoyed being one of the chaperones on this trip because I not only got to spend more time with some of my kids, I also got to know some colleagues better! Am grateful for this opportunity to travel with them!

Anyhow, I'll do a quick post on my pre-departure meal at One-Ninety on the Sunday before I left for Malaysia! How we came to dine at One-Ninety is something that has been happening quite often of late so it's nothing very novel to us by now. Basically, I was looking for nice lunch/ brunch places for the both of us to visit and I chanced upon a cnn page that recommended One-Ninety's Sunday Brunch so we trooped down to have it!

The buffet spread at One-Ninety can (almost) rival Melt's and both of us liked the layout of the restaurant because the food bars were spread out along the perimeters of the restaurant. It's actually quite a good strategy to make diners walk around to view the food because they can use that opportunity to stretch their legs a little.

We opted for the non-alcoholic brunch option which costs $108++/ pax, which is pricier than Melt's, but it was worth every cent in our humble opinion! Okay time for some photos!

I deliberately placed this photo as the first because my kids mentioned that they know (and bother remembering) that Jeffrey ALWAYS has salad to start his buffet and guess what - they're absolutely right. From left to right in clockwise direction: Smoked salmon, three-layer pork, a tiny crouton and leafy salad vegetables.

They have a dimsum corner and all we took were two puny siew mais because we didn't feel like having the others!

I spotted MANY people having this peking duck roll so I told Jeffrey to get two so that we could have them. I made him eat my duck skin/ meat so that I could just indulge in the soft skin with sweet sauce and a thin strip of cucumber! I love eating duckless savoury 'crepe' (:

Oh one thing I absolutely ADORE about One-Ninety is that it serves gloriously good carbo-dishes! Just check the following out:

Piping hot creamy mushroom risotto

On-the-spot pick-and-mix spaghetti/ penne. We chose to have penne in garlic cream sauce with some mushrooms and it was yummy!

Dumpling/ Wantan noodles - the soup is surprisingly good!

Laksa which was aromatic and flavourful! =)

Oh and being the true blue Singaporean I am, I took LOBSTERS from the seafood section so that I could feel a tad better about paying so much for our meal!

Remember how I had just said that Bar and Billard Room is one of the few buffet restaurants that serves hummus? I literally had to eat my words when I stood in front of One-Ninety's extensive salad bar because it had almost every kind of appetizer you can possibly want! From left to right in clockwise direction: sauteed mushrooms, hummus with crackers, couscous, vegetables with carrots.

From left to right in clockwise direction: cooked salmon, something fried which I forgot, potato gratin, potato wedges, fish and smoked salmon.

More food from the 'grilled food section' (from left to right in clockwise direction): grilled vegetables, warm sauteed mushrooms, potato wedges, potato gratin, cauliflower with melted cheese.

From left to right in clockwise direction: cut up sausages from the 'grilled food section' and sushi (there is a Japanese section with quite a bit of sashimi and sushi to choose from!)

The only problem with having a wide variety of dishes is that one can NEVER sample everything! And One-Ninety's dessert bar is definitely problematic to me! Because I can't eat everything due to the lack of tummy space, I picked and chose those which I thought I HAD to try and captured some of them in photos:

From left to right in clockwise direction: chocolate tart, chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake, some dessert which tastes like biscuit and creame, bread and butter pudding (yum!)

From left to right in clockwise direction: carrot cake, raspberry tart, chocolate truffle cake (which tastes a little denser than Cedele's famous chocolate truffle cake) and moist chocolate cake (which is DA BOMB if you ask me, LOVE it!).

Managed to scoop a nice spherical scoop of vanilla bean icecream for Jeffrey and myself to share (:

If you're ravenous or in a mood to try many different types of food, I would strongly recommend you to make a trip down to One-Ninety on Sunday for their Sunday brunch! One thing to note is that you should try to make a reservation as they tend to be very popular!

Alright that's all for now (: Time to head to bed. Goodnight!


  1. Hi I would like to ask if you'd recommend One Ninety's or Melt's Sunday brunch if I'm someone who loves desserts?

  2. Hello Yingyin (:

    I think One-Ninety's dessert spread is larger and the quality of their desserts are generally above-average across the board so perhaps One-Ninety would be a better choice for a dessert-lover like you! (:

    Hope you'll get to eat many nice desserts! (: