Saturday, August 13

Olive Tree

Hello everyone! (:

The weekend is here again! (: I'll be pretty busy this weekend so I thought I'd post a short but photo-filled entry so as to keep this space alive.

Some of you will already know that my past few visits to Olive Tree (at Intercontinental Hotel) left much to be desired but nevertheless, I decided to give them yet another try a couple of weekends ago and fortunately for me, their standards have improved and their weekend international high tea buffet ($38++/ pax) was pretty satisfying! (: I won't be mentioning every single dish that we'd because there are just too many, instead, I'll mention those that are worthy of being noted!

They'd a wide range of starters which included cold salads and other spicier options:

What we loved most about the buffet is their japanese sushi corner! Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to help yourselves to the sashimi; you can only have the entire sushi! I guess it's their way of controlling the amount of sashimi guests can eat? Oh well I do hope that they'll have a sashimi counter in the near future because it's quite silly to waste stomach space on japanese sushi rice!

The stirfry Chinese noodles was very bland and I didn't like it at all but the cod fish was good! (:

I think most people think that 'Laksa' is a uniquely Singaporean dish and hence this dish makes its appearance in most asian/ international buffets here in Singapore. This laksa is pretty good though I think it's not as nice as the one served at One-Ninety:

There was a fried food section which serves things like onion rings and roti prata:

More photos of food that we had that day:

Oh yes this deserves special mention: there is an Indian food section that serves a small but adequate range of curry and yellow rice! (:

Desserts galore:

Okay you may wish to skip the ice kachang because the syrup has absolutely NO taste! It serves to make the shaved ice look more colourful but honestly it failed to make any impact in terms of taste. Avoid at all cost unless you don't mind having unsweetened ice kachang!

Last but not least, this is probably the best drink that I've had in all the buffets that I've been to - thick and sweet teh tarik! (: Loved it so much that I would have drunk two cups if I weren't that full!

In all, I think dining at Olive Tree during the weekend is quite a relaxing experience because there aren't many customers and with the new range of dishes available, I think it's worth a visit! (:

Alright that's all for now. Have a good weekend everyone! (:

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