Tuesday, August 30

Soup Restaurant

Hello everyone! (:

I decided to do a quick entry on Soup Restaurant, which coincidentally is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants because it almost always never disappoints whenever I visit! (: Jeffrey and I didn't bring our camera today so I relied on my trusty Nokia HP to take the following photos.

I think one of the best moves we made today was to leave the house at 11ish instead of noon, which was part of the initial plan, because we managed to get a table just slightly past noon before the lunch crowd came! It was slightly frightening to see an influx of (hungry) people sourcing for lunch at the basement of Paragon shopping centre!

Interestingly, today was one of the rare days when the cashier cum credit card system at Soup Restaurant failed to work so only cash payment was accepted. This also means that they could not print receipts out and had to handwrite all receipts! For a moment I had a sense of Cambodian-dejavu because that's how the Cambodians do things (at least that's how they did it last year when we visited Cambodia). I didn't keep the receipt with me so I don't know how much each of the following dishes cost but you can take a look at the photos to decide if they tantalize you enough to want to give Soup Restaurant a try:

Big and soft baked peanuts which Jeffrey dislikes so I ended up eating most of them on my own! Think the hunger got to me so I was busy popping them into my mouth while he entertained me!

Hometown tofu - sufficient for two! This crispy on the outside and soft on the inside fried tofu is possibly one of the nicer tofu dishes that I've eaten. The accompanying garnishing and the light sauce which surrounds the tofu helped to make this dish a clear winner!

Samsui Ginger Chicken - another popular dish that many people ordered! I think it's definitely enough for 2-3 (or if you're small eaters, perhaps 4?) to share and I absolutely loved how fragrant the sauce in the middle taste! I didn't eat the chicken slices but I ate all the cucumbers that were drenched in the chicken sauce, yummy! (: Jeffrey LOVES this chicken so I think it's a must-order dish when you visit Soup Restaurant!

We also ordered one of their 'specials', which is spinach with three different types of egg soaked in broth. Frankly, I was keen on this dish because I wasnted to compare it to Crystal Jade's and I concluded that the broth at Crystal Jade tastes more herbal and Jeffrey said that the Crystal Jade's version has more eggs! I guess it really depends on what kind you prefer but both are fine with us, we just wanted to have some veggies!

Yang Zhou Fried Rice. This was the least appetizing dish because there wasn't much flavour or taste in the fried rice! I was thankful that we'd many other dishes with sauces/ broth to help give our fried rice some taste. If you ever order this dish, please don't have too high expectations; it does serve as a good alternative to white rice though!
In short, I was glad that we chose to go to Soup Restaurant today because I rarely eat Chinese food when I'm with Jeffrey (: The occassional visits to Chinese restaurants that serve yummy food makes me want to return from time to time.
Alright I hope that you've had a good Hari Raya break too! (: Take care and have a good week ahead!

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