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It's been a while since I've updated this space! Sorry for the lack of updates recently - been busy with school and meeting up with people this national day break! (: I am truly thankful for this break because I needed to catch up on sleep and much more.

Anyway, I noticed something quite interesting over the past few weekends: Singaporeans tend to eat out late even on Sunday nights. I was always under the impression that people generally don't eat out late on Sunday nights because people have to go to school and work the next day but apparently I'm wrong because Greenwood was teeming with life when I went for a late dinner at 8ish a few Sundays ago!

Jeffrey and I decided to dine at Raku because we both felt like eating Japanese food. I've had a meal at this outlet once as well as another at the Raku outlet at Holland Village and the food on both visits were okay. I wasn't expecting more than the usual average fair that night but I dare say that our most recent trip to Raku at Greenwood was slightly better than the previous two because we decided to order new dishes to try and they turned out well! (:  

Yasai Sticks ($6). These appeared promptly on our tabletop after we were seated and I thought that it was a complimentary dish but evidently I was wrong! Nevertheless, I didn't regret having this because it was a healthy start for our meal (: The vegetable sticks were crunchy and the dipping sauce was perfect!

Special Raku Sushi ($45). This sushi platter reminded me of the sushi dish that I'd on my last day in Tokyo! It's fantastic for people who love sashimi! I felt that the sashimi was very fresh and I loved how thick the slices were. Yum!

Garlic Fried Rice ($8). Extremely fragrant and moist fried rice that you would not regret ordering!

Unagi Kabayaki ($18). If you're a fan of unagi, you should order this alongside the garlic fried rice above because it's a winning combination! (: It beats all unagidons handsdown! I usually don't like to eat unagi but I just had to give this one a go because it looked so good - no regrets! (:

Complimentary dish of cut fruits per person.

A scoop of complimentary green tea icecream for each person too (:

If you're ever near Greenwood area and would like to have some decent Japanese food, do drop by Raku because they never fail to serve average or better-than-average fare (: Their lunch sets are pretty affordable so you may wish to check it out as well!

Alright that's all for now (: I hope all of you enjoyed your national day weekend! I am already looking forward to the next long break! Have a good rest of the week!

Matt the Skywalker.

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