Saturday, August 20

Trattoria Capri

Hello everyone!

The weekend is finally here and I'd like to share about a new Italian restaurant - Capri - that has recently sprung up in my neighbourhood.

It's situated near Peperoni at Binjai and I would say that it's a good alternative to pop into if you can't get a table/ reservation at Peperoni because Capri serves pretty authentic Italian food at reasonable prices as well! (:

We first went to Capri a few weeks ago on the same day that my two Shinee-girlfan-siblings wanted to go to town to get their Shinee concert tickets! We figured that town would be crowded since it was a Friday night so we might as well try to get some grub someplace that's not so crowded before Shinee-ing and that's how we landed up at Capri!

The interior of the restaurant is pretty Italian, with brick walls and warm lighting. Though most of the tables were taken, the restaurant wasn't very noisy and we could carry out quite a good conversation without having to raise our voices or strain our ears. It's definitely a good place to go to for some good catching up!

Because it was our first time there, we decided to let our waitress introduce their daily specials as well as their chef's recommendations to see if any of the mentioned dishes tickled our fancy. In the end we decided to order the Tagliere ($36) for starters, which basically consisted of rocket leaves, parma ham, some sliced cherry tomatoes and mozzerarella cheese! (: I think this was the first time I've actually ordered this dish and I must say that the cheese went quite well with the vegetables and my dinner companions loved the combination of cheese with parma ham! This was definitely a winning dish! (:

We also chose to have the ham & mushroom pizza ($18), which was a safe and boring choice. The most interesting thing about the pizza is its base - it was slightly doughy and it was soft! I prefer my base/ crust to taste like this so this was well received by me (:

Perhaps the 'highlight' of the night was the Linguine Aragosta ($65), which is essentially linguine with lobster in tomato sauce. I was looking forward to eating this dish because I love lobsters and I thought that the combination would be great but unfortunately the sauce was a tad too thin for my liking. I felt that it could have been stronger, thicker and perhaps a little creamier? In any case, it didn't really bother us too much because we gobbled it all up due to sheer hunger! I would like to try their other pastas in future and I hope that they will be slightly more palateable than this one.
In short, I thought that our first visit to this Capri left a good impression and I would certainly love to visit it again in the near future to try other dishes! (: Alright that's all for now - have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Thanks Matt for the photos (:

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