Saturday, December 10

Original Sin

Hello again everyone! (:

Time passes way too quickly! I haven't been very on the ball with regard to doing prep work for next year because I've been spending most of my time on activities that take up the opposite ends of the social-spectrum. I've been alternating between meeting friends (which to me is a very social activity and a luxury since I don't get to do this much during term time) and being very antisocial by staying at home and catching up on tv drama series (Greys!) and other DVDs! (: My life now is nothing short of FANTASTIC and I wish time would slow down just a little for me to do all these things that I need to do before I brace myself for 2012.

This holiday, Jeffrey and I have been spending a bit of time with our new good friend (okay fine not so new to me) called Matt! (: He's my faraway neighbour and friend and he's an absolutely wonderful holiday companion because not only does he goes out to eat and walk about with us/ me, he also plays games and watch the gogglebox with me! =)

One of our very first meals as a wandering trio is a satisfying lunch at one of my all time favourite restaurants in Singapore - Original Sin.

If you don't already know, Original Sin is vegetarian-friendly and hence I am able to eat anything & everything on the menu! (: Whoopee! Be sure to check out their full length floor-to-ceiling chalkboard for their daily specials!

No meal to Original Sin is complete without the Mezze Platter for starters ($22). If you really like this a lot, you can choose to have it as a main (I think the main costs a bit more). The combination of warm pita bread with the three different dips, potato balls, olives and salad vegetables with vinaigrette sauce is almost a sure-win and I think it's a great dish to kick start any meal!

 I chose to have the 'daily special' - risotto with pumpkin, asparagus, rosemary & sage ($26) - and I ate every single morsel of it! I would strongly recommend this dish to all pumpkin lovers because the taste of pumpkin is strong. The portion size is just right for me so I think it should fill you up pretty fine (:

 Jeffrey had his Sicilian Pizza ($22) as usual. It has a thin crust and thin base so I don't think there's too much carbo/ dough. A person with an average to big appetite can polish this off on his/ her own (:

Matty decided to have the Vegetarian Lasagna ($26), which he commented tasted a tad like moussaka! It was well-received and I think I may order this in future (:

We decided to skip desserts that day and have coffee instead!

 Their cappuccino ($6) was above average and their

Macchiato ($5) was average as well. I guess coffee isn't the restaurant's main draw but it nevertheless is decent.

Needless to say, the three of us left Original Sin full and contented! (: We will be back! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. lol I think you had the vegetarian lasagna the last time too. (: