Wednesday, December 21

Selfish Gene Cafe

Hello! (:

I made a trip down to Selfish Gene Cafe with Matty this afternoon for a 'job interview'. It's a silly little story to do with coke and sprite dispenser-tubes but to cut to the chase, the 'job interview' turned out to be a pleasant and relaxed lunch with my most hardcore gamer friend!

We chose to dine at Selfish Gene Cafe because Selfish Gene is opened by Matty's good friend, Gene! (: I must say that I felt very comfortable at Selfish Gene Cafe because the interior decor is simple, clean but not bare and the atmosphere is relaxed and non-threatening. I like the simplicity and the serenity that this cafe offers and I do hope to go back again soon to try new food items! 

We started with two cappuccinos ($5 each) and it was warm and comforting (: I love the starshaped shortbread/ cookie that came along with my drink!

Matty had the Breakfast Plate ($15.80), which looked extremely appetizing! The toast was exceptionally good because it has crispy crusts yet the bread isn't too dry or hard! (: It's definitely a dish to look forward to after tumbling out of bed!

I chose to have the daily special, which was mushroom toast with thyme ($10.80). I loved the nicely tossed side salad that came along with my dish because the dressing was refreshing! The mushroom toast itself was pretty interesting because of the spread they used to coat the toast. If you've a big appetite like me, you may not feel full after this dish but it's okay because you can do what I did next, which is to order desserts to fill you up! (:

Selfish Gene Cafe serves a good range of desserts for those who desire something sweet to munch on. Today, we chose to have the

chocolate fondant ($5.80), which was alright but I felt that the chocolate sauce that was supposed to ooze out could have been more viscous,

lemon meringue tart ($5.80) which was, in my opinion, baked to perfection (loved it!) and

the banana cake with peanut butter sauce ($5.80). The banana cake tasted a little like the banana muffin from Cedele, which is fine with me since I like the muffins from Cedele! What made this dish stand out is the peanut butter sauce that was drizzled over the relatively moist banana cake. Fascinating combination but I'm glad it works! (:

Gene informend us that he had just gotten his chai tea leaves yesterday and offered to try to concoct chai tea latte for us (: The chai tea latte lacked the chai flavour but it's probably because the drink was prepared on such short notice. I'm sure they'll work on this and I hope to be able to drink their perfected chai tea latte in future! (:

On the whole, I'd a lovely afternoon at Selfish Gene Cafe! Thanks Matty for bringing me there and to all at Selfish Gene Cafe for the wonderful hospitality (:

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