Sunday, December 25

Over Easy

Merry Christmas! (:

It's relatively bright outside for a rainy and wet morning! Hopefully the rain will stop in the evening so that people who have to make their way to Christmas parties and other gatherings will have an easier time travelling! My sister's going to cook a storm tonight and we're all looking forward to a night of homecooked goodness as well as Running Man! (: Can't wait!

Anyway, I'm quite sure most of you are aware of the elephant parade that has been going on in Singapore for the past month or so. There are simply so many differently coloured elephants everywhere! (: On our trip to Over Easy earlier this month, we saw four nicely decorated elephants posing outside One Fullerton and we couldn't help but give into our touristy sides for once and snapped photos of/ with them.

Anyhow, we chose to have lunch at Over Easy because Jeffrey needed to meet up with a guy to sell one of his gadgets and we were glad that we got a chance to dine here because the food's pretty good! I always wanted to eat at Over Easy but never had the opportunity to because the timing was never right.

When I saw that they were offering their milkshakes for $12 each, I couldn't help but order one because I was interested to know what a $12 milkshake tasted like! So far, the two best milkshakes I've had are from Once Upon a Milkshake and Seah Street Deli and they both cost less than $12! Over Easy's malt milkshake, which was what we settled with in the end, wasn't as great as Seah Street Deli's because it was more milky, less thick and melted much faster than expected! I didn't think it was fantastic but it definitely wasn't bad. Not too bad for a milkshake fix but not something that I would order again in future because it's way too expensive!

That day, Matty and I decided to have a set lunch each while Jeffrey chose a main dish off their ala carte menu. Each set lunch costs $23 and it comes with a starter, a main dish and coffee/tea. Matty decided to go for:

 the duck confit salad for his starter (this was beautifully done!) and

steak frites for his mains (you've to top up $10 for this particular dish because steak costs more than the other mains if I'm not wrong, but the extra cost was worth it!).

I decided to have the

 soup of the day (tomato cream soup) for my starter, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and

eggs benedictine for my mains. I especially loved the thicker than usual toast instead of muffin base which came with the nicely poached eggs. I thought that the hollandaise sauce was creamy but it didn't have much taste that day. If you love eggs benedict and think that the portion size is usually too small, then this would be perfect for you! (:

Jeffrey had the Over Easy Burger ($20), which was generally well-received. Actually if you know Jeffrey, you'll realise that his expectations of and standards for food are shockingly low so most things taste nice to him (which also means he's not a very good judge of dishes but it's okay (: ). He said this was one of the better burgers that he has had so I am thinking this should be quite good!

We'll be back to savour more dishes and to take in the gorgeous view of the MBS area! (: Merry Christmas everyone and may you enjoy this festive season with your loved ones! (: Hohoho!