Saturday, April 14

Black Angus Steakhouse


This weekend's going to be a pretty tiring one as I've family matters to attend to but I should be able to get sufficient rest - thanks to kind and compassionate bosses at work (: Somehow I can feel the energy draining from everywhere and I feel quite sad that we're constantly trying to keep ourselves away from energy depletion.. which is possibly why I try to make myself feel better by eating (good) food when I can!

If you're looking for standard, solid American-type of food, I'd suggest going to Black Angus! Black Angus reminded me very much of Hard Rock Cafe in terms of ambience and food and in my opinion these two places are great places to meet up with (large group of) friends.

Come to think of it, I've always known that Black Angus Steakhouse existed but somehow I never had the compulsion to try it till recently. I guess I might have been under the wrong impression that since it is a steakhouse, there wouldn't be anything worth eating but my trip to Lawry's had proven me wrong hence I'm more willing to go to meaty places now.

The set came with a bowl of chunky potato soup, which was generally okay. Sufficient to keep hunger pangs at bay (:

If you are a steak person or if you love meat, then perhaps you should try their 10oz Rib-Eye Steak ($42.90), which was so substantial that my friend who ate this remained full for the rest of the day! If there's one that that I absolutely love about Black Angus is that they try to make their meals wholesome and good by serving lots of veggies at the side (REAL veggies, not coleslaw) and I LOVE it! (:

My delight increased immensely when I saw that quite a large serving of a mix of boiled veggies came with my grilled salmon ($26.90)! (: Had a great time fulfilling my greens quota for the day. I also have to mention that the grilled salmon was very well done - it was crispy on the edges but not too overly cooked either. I was particularly appreciative of the measured thickness of the salmon slab because I don't like thick salmon slabs. I would definitely have this again if I were to return in future!

On the whole, my first trip to Black Angus Steakhouse was pleasant (: I would scrutinize the menu slightly more in future to see if there are desserts that appear worthy to try. Was simply too full this time round to have desserts!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good weekend ahead! Time for me to get going.. bye!

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